Saturday, May 30, 2009

Culture at Passport Market

Pam's been busy spotlighting the amazing talent we have here at Passport Market. I've taken the liberty of posting her latest Spotlights - "Images at Passport Market" and "Culture at Passport Market". If you're feeling the urge to roam the world, just sit back and click on the various images in the Spotlights and you'll be transported to far away places!

Images at Passport Market

Thursday, May 28, 2009



Hello Fellow Passport Travelers,

We are planning all kinds of fun escapades for those 'living' in PASSPORT market as well as anyone visiting. Our artists are looking forward to meeting and making many new friends and fans. Since we are all learning as we go, it is sure to be one grand "adventure" through PASSPORT's artistic lens.

We welcome all suggestions, in addition to cultural information and ethnic inspiration!

Now - let's have some fun!

Pam and Abby